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It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to correct all absences with the attendance office per AR 5113 via a telephone call.  Failure to do so will result in a CUT for each absence.                       
Emails are not permitted to report any absences.
**AR 5113 States that all absences which are not cleared within two (2) days after a student's return to school shall be recorded as unexcused (CUT).  (see Truancy)
Parents or Guardian: If you are calling your student out of school due to illness, please briefly detail symptoms of illness on the attendance line. If any of the symptoms described are identified by the Contra Costa Health Department, refer to the SRVUSD Covid- 10 Requirements for the next steps. If you choose not to leave illness details, you will receive an email from the attendance office with additional information. It is our responsibility to maintain the health and safety of our school community and we ask for your cooperation. Your student’s private health information will not be shared beyond administrative or nursing staff.  Emails are not permitted to report absences.
Please give the following information:
Student’s legal name (please spell). No nicknames, please!
  • Grade
  • Reason for absence (failure to provide a reason will be marked as unexcused)
  • Date(s) absence 
  • Your name and relationship