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Each absence must be called in daily, emails are not permitted. Please refer to Full/Partial day absences as well.   Each student is permitted 10 personal illnesses for the calendar school year (Each partial day is calculated as 1 illness).  Five (5) or more consecutive days of illness will require a doctor’s note.   After exceeding 10 absences due to illness within the calendar school year, each absence due to illness is marked as unexcused unless a doctor's note is provided within 2 school days upon returning.  
EXCESSIVE ILLNESS: An administrator or designee may call a parent conference for each student when the student has accumulated then (10) absences due to illness.  After the 10th absence, a Chronic Illness form must be on file, and a medical note for each subsequent absence due to illness will be required to mark the absence as being excused.  Failure to provide a medical note will result in the absence being unexcused.   (SRVUSD District Board Policy and Administrative Regulations BP 5113.1, AR 5113.1) 

A Parent's Guide to Head Lice