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Plan to attend the College Application Overview presented by SRVHS Guidance Counselors in the spring.
There are several handouts attached to this webpage that you'll find helpful in your college planning. Use these as guidelines throughout your year. 
Watch for parent education workshops to be announced in the Wolf Pack Weekly.
PSAT 2022 - The test will be given to ALL 11th graders and results may be found in their College Board account portal.    
Plan to take the SAT or ACT in the spring this year.   Sign up directly with either of the testing agencies, SAT/College Board or ACT.  Be sure to prepare for the test.
Many self prep books are available.  
Academic Boosters Test Prep:  Be sure to research the Academic Booster's Test Prep Opportunity offerings. They offer Mock ACT and SAT tests throughout the year as well as bootcamp test opportunities:  Come in to the College and Career Center if you have questions about the ACT or SAT. We have a lot of information available. 
Don't miss out on these great practice opportunities. They are created to be low stress/anxiety and low cost with maximum benefit to our students. 
To register for an official ACT or SAT go to the website below. Register early for the best selection of test "site" options. 


Local schools work just fine to give you an idea of what large, medium, and small campuses feel like, when you drive through. Consider looking at a  private college and a public school so you can compare the atmosphere and environment. 
Participate in Fall virtual college fairs!  See the College & Career Center main page for a list of spring fairs and events!  
Go online to check out each campus' academic requirements on their admissions websites and make sure you take a look at any majors you might be interested in. 
Listen to a campus admissions session and take a virtual campus walking tour. These are great ways to hear what the school is focused on teaching and you get a chance to visit the important buildings - rec. center, dorms, commons, and unique campus features.
Sign up to participate in virtual college rep presentations when you learn about them. 
Build your "Colleges I'm Thinking About List" in Naviance. This list should grow over your junior year and should contain a lot of possible options.  You will refine this list when you head into Senior Year. 
Find something interesting to do with your spare time.  Join a club, participate in a sport or music group, get a job!   Explore a passion you have!