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Naviance Student is a web-based tool designed especially for students to help make decisions about colleges and careers.  Students will use Naviance Student to research college and career options, as it also provides up-to-date information that is specific to our school. This program allows us to share information with parents and students about upcoming college visits, summer enrichment, scholarships, meetings, news, and events, as well as other web resources for college and career information.
If you are having difficulty signing in to Naviance, please contact the College and Career Coordinator for a reset.
Students:  All students access their Naviance account by clicking on the 'Naviance Student" log in link on the SRVHS home page.  This will link you to your personal SRVUSD portal.  Look for the "Naviance" tile and click on it to be logged directly into your Naviance account.   
Parents: Your log in instructions have remained the same, but you will use the link on the SRVHS website called "Naviance Parent"  log In and follow the instructions.  If you cannot log in and you know you have logged in before, please select the "forgot your password" link, and follow the instructions you receive to your email.
If you have issues logging in, please reach out to the College and Career Center for assistance.
Within Naviance, students will find access to the following:
Colleges: College research tools, specific college data for all college/universities, scatter grams with SRVHS data points can be found here. Once a student is a Sophomore, their 10-12 (A-G) gpa will be populated in their Naviance Student account.  In addition, ACT/SAT scores will populate in Naviance Student by the school district office (or can be added manually by the student on the "my stuff" page). These data points allow students to easily track their GPA/scores in relation to college data presented (please note: colleges do not see this information). 
Scholarship information can also be found on this tab for both local and national scholarships offered that we have been made aware of.  Many of these are more local organizations looking to provide SRVHS students with scholarships. 
Seniors will see additional information that includes tabs for requesting teacher letters of recommendations, transcripts and colleges I'm applying to features.  On the home page of Naviance Student, Seniors will also see a "Document Resources" link where they can access information our Counselors need in order to write letters of recommendation. The documents in this link have been updated for fall 2020 application cycle (class of 2021).  
Careers: Students can access a variety of career exploration tools including interest surveys, and Occupational Handbook resources for career description/guidance, as well as Roadtrip Nation which features over 3,500 video interviews for industry leaders. 
About Me: Students can access additional career and personal exploration tools in addition to finding a RESUME builder. We encourage students to begin using the resume builder as early as freshman year. This is a feature that allows them to keep track of awards, recognition, employment, extracurricular activities for their time here at SRVHS.  Many students will need to create an 'activities resume' when applying to college their senior year. It is helpful if they have been gathering this information along the way!
PARENTS:  Please note:  you have your own log in credentials (and your student has his/hers).  If you need help logging in, please email the College and Career Center coordinator with your student's name to have your access initiated or reset.  If you have more than one student at SRV, you should be able to view each student's portal from your same log in.  Please let me know the names/grades of all of your SRVHS students when you contact us so that we can ensure you will have access to view each account.  
Below you will find an SRVHS 4 year Plan for students using Naviance. Freshmen students are introduced to the Naviance tool in their Health classes and parents of freshmen are invited to register for their access via an email letter that typically goes out in mid-March.