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To see a list of student workshops and upcoming college visits (most visits are held in fall but there are schools who visit in spring) students should log in to Naviance.  
Go to the College Planning and Presentation tab for a variety of College Resources and Get to know Naviance this year.  You can search colleges, view videos, see a list of all colleges coming to visit SRVHS, take assessments to help define interests, and begin build your college list. You will refine this list later but it is a great place to start keeping track of schools that might interest you. 
Las Positas Welding Job Training Program

Sophomore specific opportunity
Las Positas Welding Job Training Program

This program had its first cohort in the 2023-24 academic year. This SRVUSD/LPC dual enrollment program allows high school juniors and seniors to enroll in a shortened high school schedule so that they may attend designated college courses and may earn a general welding certificate upon completion of the program. 
To see more SRVHS opportunities like this, click HERE.


Please see the main home page for the College and Career Center for event information.  
SRVHS VISITS:  There are many college representatives who visit us in the C&CC fall. Students, if you are interested in coming to speak to an admissions representative or want to sit in on their presentation, you need to sign up on Naviance.  We typically have 125 or more colleges visit in the fall.  
GRADES:  Keep up your grades---get help when you need it. After school tutoring is available in the library. See teachers for more details. 
CAMPUS VISITS:  Spend some time this spring and summer visiting college campuses.   Local schools work just fine to give you an idea of what large, medium, and small campuses feel like. Take a tour of a private college so you can compare it to the public college atmosphere and environment. 


Explore Naviance! This is a database containing college information for all colleges and universities. You will also find comparative data for former SRVHS students in addition to enrichment and scholarship data and career assessment/interest tools!