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The 2022-2023 Course Selection process has started.  View the parent presentation recordings:
Class of 2023 (Current Juniors) Youtube Link 
Class of 2024 (Current Sophomores) Youtube Link  
Class of 2025 (Current Frosh) Youtube Link
Class of 2026 (Incoming Frosh) Youtube Link
The Infinite Campus Portal opens for Course Selection entries between
March 4th - 13th
Updated posted 3.7.22 to Schoology
Course Selection for the 2022-23 school year is open through Sunday, March 13th. Choosing classes is an exciting time for students. We strongly encourage families to explore the wide range of classes offered at San Ramon Valley High School and discuss the best options for the upcoming school year.
As students and their families are completing the course selection process, an important consideration is the change in our bell schedule next year. For the 2022-23 school year, California high school classes may not start prior to 8:30 am. We are in the process of finalizing a new bell schedule, however we want to communicate the following information so our students and families can make informed choices for next school year.
  • The first class of the day will start at 8:30 am.
  • Students may still opt to take 5, 6 or 7 classes (all students must take a minimum of 5 classes).
  • Students with a 6-period schedule will end school approximately between 2:30 pm and 2:45 pm.
  • Students with a 7-period schedule will end school approximately between 3:20 pm and 3:40 pm.
  • Students will have equitable access to after school athletics as well as extra- and co-curricular activities.
Please visit the SRVHS Counseling website for additional information on the Course Selection Process.
All students* grades 9-11 must log into Infinite Campus and select their courses.  Tips to help you complete this process:
  •  Be sure to select unscheduled for Fall and Spring the times you do NOT want to be in a class.  For example, a student who wants periods 1-6 must also select Unscheduled 7 Fall and Unscheduled 7 Spring.
  • All students must take a minimum of 5 classes at SRVHS.
  • Be sure to list an alternate for elective classes.
  • Marching Band and Leadership are not available for selection.  We will collect lists from the teachers of these classes. 
  • Students planning to take a graduation requirement outside of our school  need to complete a 2022-2023 Non-District Course Application.  Complete your online course selection as if you are taking the course at SRV.  We will adjust your schedule once the Non-District Course Application is approved.
* Students not living within the SRVHS boundaries who are awaiting their transfer approval and incoming Freshmen (Class of 2026) coming from a non-SRVUSD school do NOT register for classes online.  Follow the instructions in the Building Bridges PowerPoint (accessible on this page).
Please access the PowerPoint on the left and/or the Youtube links above if you want to revisit the counselors' presentations.  We also put together an FAQ of the most common questions asked on this topic.  The links on the right will help you plan for your next academic year(s), prior to submitting your requested schedule into Infinite Campus.
1st slide of presentation 
graphic of online registration instructions