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If you’re in the club and you want to SIGN UP for "Remind" even if you signed up last year (this is a 'different / new group for next year) this is a requirement to be in the club. You will need to click on link below to re-sign up for the new year.
CLUB MEETING DATES:  Second Tuesday of the month: (excluding August and September)
August 31, October 12, November 9, December 14, January 11, February 8, March 8, April 12, May 10
What is The Pledge To Humanity Club? 
The PTH Club is a community service based club where high school kids can get involved and make a difference in the community we live. We have folks in need right in our back yard, like Martinez, where our club can reach out and help. We are committed to reach people of all ages in our local community to provide aid for their needs. Through working together with this common goal, our high school community will see that it is truly much better to give than to receive.
Our sincere apologies the club is full for the school year.
What types of volunteering do you do?
We’ve volunteered in soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, at low income schools in the area and more. If there is a need, we try to find it. Teens can volunteer on their own or volunteer with our PTH events.  We do require that our members volunteer at least TWO times with our Club through a Sign Up Genius invitation as long as it is helping people in need. Teens that volunteer on their own will need to fill out a paper form signed with a supervisor's signature and mail it in to get credit.
How do I make sure I get credit for volunteering?
We will track your volunteer participation if you volunteer with our PTH club by signing up with one of our sign up genius invitations.  If you volunteer outside the club, we will no longer be using a paper form but have turned to an online form titled, 'Volunteer on your Own
You must submit this form within 48 hours to count as volunteer hours. No exceptions, please.
Please send your volunteer photos here:
What events count for volunteer credit and which events do not count?
* What counts: anything helping people in need (includes senior citizens, disabled youth and adults, homeless, mission trips for a cause etc).
* What does not count: coaching or refereeing for a team (unless it is for disabled kids), , vacation bible school, volunteering at church, being an alter boy, volunteering for sports tryouts, hours earned for a different club such as National Charity League or Fair Chance For Special Needs. If you are counting your hours for another club, you can't double count these for PTH.  We feel our volunteer requirement is pretty minimal and there would be no point in being in our club if you are not volunteering with PTH.
Benefits of Being in The PTH Club?
Aside from the fact that colleges are looking for volunteer service hours, you will become more informed & aware of folks in need right in our own community. These volunteer events really bond this group together.  By helping others you will become more aware of those in need by working with other like minded students that are interested in helping those who need our help most.  After each event you will realize how fortunate you are and you will also learn that giving is truly much better than receiving. 
How do I know what community service events are coming up?
Event invitations are only sent out through Sign Up Genius.  If you are not receiving invitations for events, please contact
Are you affiliated with the Pledge to Humanity’s Non-Profit Organization:
Yes, we are affiliated with the Pledge To Humanity organization. PTH is a non-profit organization founded by Gaby Ghorbani (who lives in Alamo). PTH is associated with schools and other local organizations that do service community service projects in our area. They also help raise to funds for those in need in in our community and 5 other countries.
We are so excited to share that Pledge to Humanity was featured in People Magazine's Human Interest section, Heroes Among Us. California woman inspires teens all over the world to perform acts of kindness
Waivers & Links to Waivers Below:
Crayon Initiative Waiver (you only need to fill this out one time per person)