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Eligibility & Tryout Policies

To be eligible to participate in interscholastic competition, a student at San Ramon Valley must meet all of the follow criteria.
  • Have a GPA of 2.00 or higher in the proceeding academic quarter (includes 2nd semester of 8th grade for incoming freshmen).
  • Have passed a minimum of 20 units in the proceeding quarter
  • Annually complete a physical exam from a medical doctor
  • All transfer students are initially ineligible and must meet with our school's athletic director.
Important Notice for current eighth grade students and their parents: 
Students, who wish to participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, leadership, cheerleading, etc., during the freshman year of high school, must maintain a 2.0 GPA during the second semester of their eighth grade school year. By policy, students who do not maintain a 2.0 GPA by June of their eighth grade year may be excluded from the extracurricular programs in the fall, even if they qualified for participation at the time of any spring signups or tryouts that may have been held. It is the responsibility of the parent and student to monitor academic progress since academic ineligibility may result in the loss of all deposits or fees paid.
All transfer students must be approved by the North Coast Section.   All transfer students are required to meet with the athletic director immediately upon their enrollment at SRV.
Those applying for Athletic PE: See the info located on the Athletics Welcome page, on the right hand side.
To ensure you have accurate and updated information please contact the Varsity Program Coordinator for tryout details for your sport.
The actual tryout period is a three day period, during which time coaches gather as much information on each player as possible. Each player will be assessed in primary areas:
Overall athletic ability (i.e. speed, quickness, endurance, agility)
Sport specific skills
Role feasibility
Overall tryout ranking / per position ranking
NOTE: Past and current school year inappropriate classroom/school behavior, violating school discipline policy, and poor school attendance can preclude a student from being selected on any athletic team. 
Participation in sports at SRV is a privilege.
Please note, all students must complete their season of sport before trying out for another team.
2022-2023 TRYOUT DATES
Fall: Aug 8
Winter: Oct 31
Spring: Feb 6


Tryout Policy
Choosing the members of the various athletic teams is the responsibility of the coach.  Before tryouts begin, coaches will provide team information to all candidates (as well as a handout for the parents or guardians). This is done at an informational meeting for students. Such information will include:
  • Length of tryout period -  minimum of three days
  • Objectives used to select the member of the team
  • Approximate Number of Team members who will be selected
  • Criteria (rubric) involved in selection of team members
  • Distribution of practice and competition schedule
  • Explanation of commitment necessary to be a member of the team
  • Clear notification that tryouts are based on performance during the selection period. Tryouts are not based on summer participation, coaching camps, or outside team affiliation in which the student-athletes participated prior to team selections.
  • Students must complete all tryout requirements.
  • Head coaches will be involved in sub-varsity selections.
  • Students that have an interest in trying out for two sports during the same season are required to contact the varsity coaches of each sport to see if this is possible. This can only occur if tryout schedules do not conflict or if a student chooses to forgo a tryout day, and as long as both coaches agree to allow an athlete to participate in two sports in the same season.
  • If an athlete is not selected, the coach will inform the student of the reason(s) for the cut and the student may request a meeting to review their tryout rubric.
  • Once an athlete competes in a sanctioned game or contest, the athlete cannot leave a team to join another team, in that same sport season; the student must wait until that team has completed its regular season. This includes being dismissed from a team for any reason.
The SRV High School Athletic Department is sensitive to the needs of all student-athletes during the tryout period. It is SRV’s desire to see that as many student-athletes as possible are involved in the athletic programs throughout the school year. Unfortunately, due to limitations in team size for certain sports, cuts must be made to accommodate team needs.
Cross Country, Football, Wrestling and Track and Field are no cut sports.