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Soccer - Boys

San Ramon Valley Boys Soccer

San Ramon Valley Boys Soccer

Welcome to the San Ramon Valley Men’s Soccer program.  As I begin my 28th season at SRV this remains the most exciting time of the year - the soccer season!  I view my opportunity to coach as a great honor and privilege.  It is an honor and privilege to work with so many fine young men and their families. It is a great honor and privilege to participate in the life of one of the finest high schools in the country – San Ramon Valley!  I trust you and your family feel the same; it is a great honor and privilege to be a scholar-athlete at SRVHS.
Tryout Procedure
To put the season in motion we must begin the difficult process of tryouts. Before you tryout, the following must happen:
1)     You must complete the school athletic clearance procedure. 
Step Three: Have your doctor complete the physical form. If you have had a physical in the last year make sure it does not expire between November 2023 and February 2024. If it does, you will be ineligible during the season until you have an updated physical on file.
Step Four: Complete the athletic clearance. This must be done even if you played a fall sport. 
Note: Online registration is required to try out for any sport team; even if you have played a fall sport.
This process must be completed by Friday, October 27th!!!

2)     Check for your tryout number on the Boy’s Soccer School Website. Before tryouts, draw your number LARGE and dark on the front and back of a white T-shirt. Make sure the number is big and visible. Wear the shirt to every tryout.

3)     Transfer Students – players who attended another high school last year, be sure you see Chris deClerq, the Athletic Director, prior to tryouts.
Voluntary conditioning will begin the week of Oct. 30. Please check the school website for specific times and location.

The actual, mandatory, tryouts begin the week of Nov. 6.  Specific dates and times will be announced and posted on the boy’s soccer school website at a later time. Everyone is guaranteed three days of tryouts. After our first round of cuts we may have subsequent tryout and cut days. 
Tryout Criteria
1) Academics – to be eligible for tryouts you must have a 2.0 GPA or better on your most recent report card. That means you must have a 2.0 or higher on your 1st quarter grades (October 6). If you do not have a 2.0 you are ineligible to try out. If you have below a 2.0 you may be eligible for a waiver. Discuss this with your academic counselor and the athletic director.
Academics must always be a priority. Even if you have a higher than 2.0 during the season but your coach, parents, or guardians do not think you are living up to your academic capabilities, action may be taken.  Be sure to keep your grades up and be a stellar scholar-athlete.
2) Work ethic and attitude – We pride ourselves on being the classiest and hardest working team in high school soccer.  Our work habits and teachable attitude should be evident not only in tryouts and on the soccer field, but in the classroom and at home as well.  Players not interested in working hard or representing San Ramon Men’s Soccer in a positive way should consider a different activity.
3) Skills and fitness – We attempt to assemble the best possible teams for our program.  During tryouts you should be at the peak of your game. You should be able to demonstrate brilliant ball skills, intelligent decision-making, and the ability to play soccer at a sustained, intense rate.  As a gauge of your fitness you should be able to run 2 miles in the following times:
                                 Freshman – 14 minutes
                                 Junior Varsity – 13 minutes
                                 Varsity – 12 minutes
This will be part of the tryout criteria.
Miscellaneous Information and Reminders
** You must be cleared with the school before you tryout**
  • If you are playing a fall sport, you must complete that sport in its entirety before you try out. We support multiple sport athletes so do not panic. Once you have completed your fall sport then we will make arrangements for your soccer tryout.

  • Placement on a team. We will place a player on a team based upon what the coaching staff believes is best for the player and the program. For example, juniors in high school can be placed upon the Junior Varsity team. Freshman could be placed upon the Frosh, JV, or Varsity team. No sophomores will be placed upon the freshman team.

  • Mandatory Parent’s meeting – Thursday, Nov. 16 at 7:00 PM in the Commons.

  • Costs: Anticipate a Club Donation of approximately $400.00. This includes all of your team practice gear, warm-ups, and other club expenses. If costs are any way probative please contact me. We have ways of helping with various costs!
  • School breaks:
  •   Thanksgiving Break – All teams play/practice the week of Nov. 20-26. All programs will have Thanksgiving Day off. Please plan travel accordingly. 
  • Winter Break – Freshmen will be off December 20 - Jan.2 1. Please plan travel accordingly.

 If you have already made travel plans please contact me ASAP.

  • Awards night – Monday, February 26 from 6-8pm in the school cafeteria/commons. This is a great way to celebrate the accomplishments of the boys’ season.

  • If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me at or check the Boy’s Soccer website.
Team Rules
We have two team rules for the San Ramon Valley Men’s Soccer Program.  To be a part of our program you and your parents must agree to the following:
1)     Practices – If you miss a practice you miss a game. If you miss 2 practices you are dismissed from the team.
Note: Obviously, life presents circumstances that soccer pales in comparison. Such things as death and serious illness in the family will certainly not jeopardize a student-athlete’s standing on the team. The key is communication. Communicate potential missed practices with your coach before the practice date.
2)     Personal conduct – Participating in activities such as alcohol, tobacco, or other drug use, theft, cheating, property destruction or on/off-campus violence may result in the dismissal from the team.
Your submission of the Intent to Tryout Google Form indicates you and your parents/guardians agree to adhere to these rules.

San Ramon Valley Boys Soccer

NCS Champions 1993, 2002, 2015
NCS Finalists 2009, 2011, 2012, 2016
NCS Semi-finalists 2000, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013,2017, 2018
EBAL Champions 2002, 2005, 2007, 2015, 2016, 2017


Don Busboom
Program Coordinator/Varsity Coach
Andrew Lamont
Junior Varsity Coach
Jamie Kelley
Freshman Coach