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Welcome to theatre! Here at San Ramon Valley High School, this department offers a variety of diverse experiences revolving around the art including...
Drama Club: Even with no experience in theatre, this club welcomes everyone to be their most authentic self on the stage as students get to explore scene and performance work.
Major League Improv: Through the power of improvisation and teamwork, MLI has easily been one of the most exciting and anticipated events throughout SRVHS history. Auditions and seasons happen only twice a year!
24 Hour Plays: Participators of this suspenseful event are tasked with writing a scene, directing, rehearsing, and performing to a live audience within the span of a single day.
The Musical: All SRV students are given the opportunity to take part in the highly anticipated school musicals. Occurring only once every two years, it is simply an experience not to miss.
To learn even more about this program, visit our Theatre website or contact our theatre director, Hayley Thirlwall. 
Check us out on Instagram too! @srvtheatre