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Instruction AR 6142.7 PHYSICAL EDUCATION Exemptions All students who are assigned to a P.E. class and are in school shall report to P.E. at the regular class time. Students who need to be excused from full participation due to illness, injury or chronic conditions shall be provided with a modified physical education program under the supervision of the P.E. instructor while temporarily excused from full participation.*

The following guidelines will be used for providing modified P.E.: 
1. Single-Period Absence: Student does not  feel well or is injured and does 
not have a note from a parent/guardian or  doctor. P.E. instructor shall provide 
appropriate alternative activities which  would not aggravate the physical 
condition of the student. Student will be  allowed one single period absence per 
symptom or injury; consecutive  single-period absences must be verified on the 
basis of a note from the  parent/guardian or doctor. 
2. One-Through Five-Day Absence: Student presents 
the P.E. instructor with a note from the parent/guardian or doctor asking for a 
temporary excuse from full participation for up to five consecutive days. P.E. 
instructor shall provide appropriate alternative activities which are consistent 
with the physical needs of the student. 
3. Six Plus Days 
Absence: Student  presents the P.E.  instructor with a written request from 
his/her doctor excusing the student for more than five consecutive days. The school nurse 
will assist the P.E. instructor in planning a modified P.E. program that will comply with the 
student’s medical condition, if necessary. 
When a student is to be exempt from any number of P E credits, the counselor will be 
responsible for ensuring that the number of P.E. credits required for graduation will be reduced accordingly. 
1.  Students  will be exempted for  one credit of P.E.  for each 15 class periods of  absence due  to verified 
illness  or injury, for a  maximum of five credits per  semester. 
2. A  report completed  by the  counselor, which outlines the  
circumstances of  the  temporary P.E.  exemption  and the number of credits  
exempted will be signed   by the parent/  guardian and  counselor. 
3. A copy  of the report, with the   physician’s note  attached,  will then be placed 
in  the  student’s permanent  file. 

Regulation approved: January 17, 1995 Danville, California