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Textbook Office

End of year textbook returns will take place Friday, May 27 through Thursday, June 2 in the Aux Gym.
All students need to be cleared by 2:00 PM on Thursday, June 2nd. All books should be turned in and all fines for lost or damaged books should be paid on the school website's webstore.

**If a student checks out a textbook or novel from the Textbook Office, they will be held responsible if the textbook is lost or damaged. Per District policy, we cannot accept purchased copies to replace a lost or damaged book.  Student will need to pay the fine.  Refunds are issued for fines paid on lost books which are later found.
**ALL textbooks and novels are barcoded.  Your student is responsible for returning the book with the barcode that was checked out to them.  If the book is lost or damaged, it will need to be paid for.
**Please put student's name on the inside front cover of the textbook as soon as they check it out.
**All textbooks that are checked out from the Textbook Office need to be returned directly to the Textbook Office, not to the teacher.
**If a student drops a class, please have them return their textbook back to the Textbook Office immediately.
** Students needing to see Mrs. Ficenec, Textbook Clerk should do so during Brunch or Lunch.
** Fines may be paid at the Textbook Office with exact cash or check payable to SRVHS.  Fines may also be paid online at the school website.  Go to>Webstore>Textbooks.  It will send an email to the Textbook Clerk that the fine has been paid.
Textbook checkout Policy
Textbook checkout policy is consistent across the San Ramon Valley Unified School district high schools.  The only textbooks that will be checked out prior to starting the new school year will be for AP classes that require the textbook for summer assignments.  There will be no summer checkouts for any other AP classes or regular classes.  During the school year textbooks may only be checked out if the student is currently taking the class.  Most textbooks are available for in-library use in the Contra Costa libraries at Montgomery Street and Dougherty Station in San Ramon.
Here are some ways you can access the textbooks used at SRVHS.
*Check the SRVUSD Adopted Textbook list.
*Buy or rent your own copy of the textbooks at:
  • ebay
*Use the textbooks at the Contra Costa County Library.  There are copies of almost all of our textbooks at both the Montgomery Station and Dougherty Valley Station.  They can be used for up to two hours while in the library.   
Thank you for your cooperation!
Monday  - 7:45 - 2:00 
Tuesday - Closed
Wednesday - 8:45 - 2:45 
Thursday - 8:45 - 2:45 
Friday - Closed
You can visit Mrs. Ficenec at the Textbook Office or email Linda Ficenec