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Your teacher will write one broad letter or recommendation that can be used for each of your applications. Ask your teacher if he/she would be willing to write you a letter of recommendation. After they agree, invite them to write your letter through Naviance. Under Colleges I'm Applying To you will see a link to request teacher recommendations. 
If your college has provided a specific recommendation form, you should fill out the top portion with your name and address, sign the waiver statement, and give it to your teacher as soon as possible. Your teacher will write “see attached” in the narrative section, add check marks to any rating boxes, sign, and follow the mailing instructions.
You should pick teachers who know you, respect you, and will write positive things about you.  Also, be sure to ask the teacher in a way in which he or she can politely decline. Try to talk to your teacher when he or she has a few minutes to spare and ask if “You would consider writing one of my recommendations.” 


Counselors are frequently asked to write recommendation letters for private colleges. A complete packet is found on Naviance: Home Page: Document Library (on the right).Once your packet is complete, make an appointment to see your counselor.
To provide the best recommendation possible, your counselor needs as much information as possible. 
Give your counselor plenty of time to write your recommendation.  At lease three weeks is recommended.
It is "good manners" to thank teachers and counselors after completing a recommendation letter for you. A great deal of thought and effort goes into these letters and your acknowledgement is greatly appreciated!


If you need a counselor recommendation letter, please go to your Naviance Student account and download all 5 (#1-#5) pages found near the bottom under "Document Resources".  
Submit the completed packet to your counselor at least 3 school weeks before you require your first letter of recommendation. If you are needing any teacher letters of recommendation, be sure to ask them if they would also like this packet or any part of it, to assist them to write you a letter of recommendation.  Then you will formally request them via your Naviance portal.   
Each college determines if and from whom they wish to receive letters of recommendation. Follow their guidelines and meet their deadlines! All high school based (counselor and teacher) letters will be uploaded to Naviance for submission to a college.  See your guidance counselor for details.
For additional information on letters of recommendation, see this page on the College & Career Center website.