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What is The Pledge To Humanity Club? 

What is The Pledge To Humanity Club? 

The PTH Club is a service- based club where high school students can get involved and make a difference in their community. We have people in need all around us who would appreciate our help. We are committed to reaching people of all ages in our local community and providing their needs. Through working together with this common goal, our high school community will see that it is truly much better to give than to receive. 
Club Requirements:
1. At least 20 hour of community service is required. Only students that complete the 20 hours will be allowed to rejoin for the following school year. Summer hours DO count toward the next school year.
2. Students need to attend one short club meeting per month. Students can asked to be excused by filling out the google doc form from our
website. Students with more than 2 unexcused absences will be dropped from the club.
3. Parents will be required to chaperone one event during the school year.
4. All students must have the CauseConnect App on their phones. This iis how the club members will enter their hours of service. Go to the App store and download the free CauseConnect app. You will need to enter the students emails address and choose :search for a site by name" and type Pledge to Humanity.
CauseConnect App and Website
This year we are using a more efficient system in order to organize and log everyone’s data!
We are using and the CauseConnect App, everyone is required to have this app on their mobile device. You can find the CauseConnect app in whichever app store your phone has. Then you can log in with your email if you have an account, or you can sign up. Once you log into the app you will be shown a dashboard of all of your volunteer information. It will list your hours, opportunity responses, impact value, events responded to, and programs fanned (Programs that you are interested in or a fan of). To the left, there is a menu that shows Opportunities, Events, Programs, Pay Club Dues, and the Reimbursement Form.
In order to find volunteer opportunities, you must click on the Opportunities menu icon.
Pledge to Humanity Log In
From here all of the available volunteer opportunities will be shown. When you complete an event or you finish a number of volunteer hours you can Add Hours by clicking on the Add Hours Icon at the top of your screen.

Add Hours

You will be presented with this form.
Logging Volunteer Hours
On this form you must enter all information 100% accurately. Once you submit the form it will have to be approved by an officer before your hours go through. If your form is incorrect it will be denied. Make sure your volunteer hours are helping someone in need otherwise it will most likely be denied.  Paid jobs cannot be counted.  If you are in NCL or Boys Charity League, volunteer hours with another organization will not count.
You can check your Approved Volunteer hours on your dashboard. If your hours are not captured correctly and they have not been approved you can edit them in the portal. If they have been approved you will have to reach out to a parent advisor to edit the hours for you.  PLEASE allow 2-3 weeks for the approval.
If you miss a monthly meeting you will have to fill out the Excused Absence form that is located on the menu tab. If you need to check your meeting attendance, you can reach out to the secretary who will be keeping meeting attendance. 
What types of volunteering does PTH do?
We’ve volunteered in soup kitchens, senior citizen centers, at low-income schools in the area and more. If there is a need, we try to find it. Teens can volunteer on their own (as long as it is helping people in need) or volunteer with our PTH events.  We do require that our members volunteer at least TWO times with our Club. Teens who volunteer on their own will need to submit the Volunteer Hours Form to get credit.
How do I make sure I get credit for volunteering?
On the CauseConnect app or website, you will be able to submit your volunteer hours form. As long as the information in the form is accurate you will get credit for volunteering.
Please send your volunteer photos here:
What events count for volunteer credit and which events do not count?
* What counts: anything helping people in need (includes senior citizens, disabled youth and adults, homeless, mission trips for a cause, etc).
* What does not count: coaching or refereeing for a team (unless it is for Challenger Baseball or something similar) vacation bible school, being an alter boy/girl, volunteering for sports tryouts, hours earned for a different club such as National Charity League or Fair Chance For Special Needs. If you are counting your hours for another charitable organization don’t double count these for PTH.  We feel our volunteer requirement is pretty minimal and there would be no point in being in our club if you are not volunteering with PTH.
Benefits of Being in The PTH Club?
Aside from the fact that colleges are looking for volunteer service hours, you will become more informed & aware of folks in need right in our own community. These volunteer events really bond this group together.  By helping others you will become more aware of those in need by working with other like-minded students that are interested in helping those who need our help most.  After each event, you will realize how fortunate you are and you will also learn that giving is truly much better than receiving. 
How do I know what community service events are coming up?
On the CauseConnect App or Website, upcoming events will be shown under Opportunities and Events.