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You will find a variety of college planning tools in the attachments below. Additional items you should be familiar with include the following: 
Naviance Student is an integral component to your college application process throughout high school. Naviance includes college search tools, a tool to create your activities resume, scholarship information, personal career assessment tools including a "Career Interest Profiler" and a "Career Cluster Finder" survey. All students and parents have access to Naviance.  If you need help logging in, please email us, so we can help.
Activities resume template: Many colleges ask students to provide an activities resume which outlines academic honors/awards, extracurricular activities, work history, volunteer activities, etc. In addition to the sample below, Naviance has a built in activities resume template where students can enter activities throughout high school and then modify as needed in their Senior year.  Both the UC and the Common Application websites also provide a worksheet for organizing students' extracurricular activities.  
Seniors applying to schools that require letters of recommendation!  Your guidance counselors most likely will need to write at least one of your requested letters, so have prepared a "senior packet" for you to complete, to make that request.  Please download the packet pages from your Naviance Student home page (scroll to the bottom to find the link called "Document Resources").  The instructions for completing and submitting the packet are included.  There will also be a Fall Senior Naviance Presentation in September follow up by in-person workshops you may register for.  
College Planning Worksheet: This is a google doc you can use to assist with organization for college application and admissions: HOW? Click Spreadsheet and then MAKE A COPY that you can work with in your account.